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Connect2Parent is an integration platform for various school services and deliver to parent on their mobile through App/SMS/Email. The window through which Parent interact with the school. The sole source of ready info w.r.t day-to-day at school. It is a tool that makes Parents feel secure and confident on their kids.


Connect2Community is a community management application over messaging engine. We provide community specific message management and work-flow and action on messages. We understand the community requirement and build the work-flow customized for their requirement. Some communities are businesses, apartments, workplaces, schools, social, spiritual centers etc.

Try Test Series

Try Test Series is a platform which helps to develop and manage the get the on-line test papers. It enables the users to add the test series to the particular customers. It enables the customers to sell the test papers to the end users.

Online and Mobile Platform for Coaching Institute

On-line and Mobile Platform for Coaching Institute is a platform which integrate with coaching institute website and help to develop their own mobile application and enable all features to efficiently manage the institute. Enabling coaching institute to have on-line and mobile presence. Enabling the students to do the on-line test through the mobile application and through the web.